Cherish Your Cinderella


Men, There is No reason why we can’t cherish our wives… God states it in His Word. (Ephesians 5:25) Husbands love your wives, just as Christ Loved the Church. (Church meaning us) Not some building…

I think back, many years ago, when I met Christa. I was so excited to see her, everyday. Looked forward to getting to see her smile, hear her voice, take walks with her, go to the mall with her and most of all, just sit and listen to her.

Guys, wives don’t want to see the back of our heads, or the back of a newspaper, or the remote control glued to our hand because the latest sports game is on TV… They, every now and then, would like us to just sit and talk, or sit and listen to them. I’m willing to bet, a majority of men out there, have no idea, what is on your wife’s mind… When was the last time, You just took your wife’s hand, sat her down and just listened to what she had to say ? I think you would be quite surprised.

Sometimes, we get so busy with our own “ stuff “ that we forget about our spouse’s needs… When you give your wife the attention she needs and deserves, you will see how excited she gets, or how surprised she gets, because you are willing to give her that attention.

Over the next week, Do something special for your wife. Make her an Over the top dinner or take her out to a nice restaurant, rent a movie that She would like… It doesn’t always have to be a Man’s show… I’m not saying there won’t be difficult times, but giving your wife a listening ear, is what is needed.  Just spending time together, Will Improve Your relationship with her.

I Still to this day, get excited to see My Wife. I look into her e
yes, the same eye’s I’ve looked into, for the last 25 years.

I Love My Wife.

I Cherish My Wife.

Cherish Your Wife, Do things God’s Way.

Try it this week!




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