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This web site has been a long time dream of  ours.   We feel the divorce rate in our country and our community is way too high.  We have noticed that the marriages who spend time early on,  building a strong foundation, weathered the storms of life and had a higher success rate.

Say I Do Forever’s purpose is, to encourage marriages.  To give them the tools needed to build a strong healthy foundation. We encourage couples to tour the site,  utilize the tools and helpful hints offered throughout.

We encourage local churches to step up their marriage ministries by giving them a website to promote their events.  You will find those events on our calendar.

What Does a Bridal Shoppe have to do with Marriage Ministries?

Every week we help countless couples put together the wedding day of their dreams.  We work closely with these couples and build relationships with them through the wedding planning process.   We want their wedding day to be perfect, but in the back of our minds we are praying that their marriage is even better.

After they leave our shop, wedding gown and tux in hand we wonder if they will get the support they need from family, friends or hopefully a church.  We want to give our couples more!  We want to give them the tools they need to succeed.

About the Founders

Jay and Christa Hannold have been married for 33 years. They have a burning desire and passion to help strengthen marriages and to lower the divorce rate in their community & around the globe.

Jay and Christa were the owners of Christa’s Dress Shoppe and Tuxedo.  Everyday they worked with engaged  couples to make their wedding dreams into a reality.

Although they enjoyed helping couples with their special day, their true desire was to help these couples have an even greater marriage.

“So much work is put into the wedding day itself.  We want to see couples working just as hard to build a strong marriage”  Christa

Jay and Christa met in high school and were high school sweethearts.  Shortly after they were married, they began attending Victoria Community Church in Riverside, California. There, they were part of a young marrieds group that would set them on the path of building a strong foundation.

The church held regular classes and events to strengthen marriages.  Events such as a yearly couples conference were an important part of the ministries at Victoria Community Church.

“Early on in our marriage we learned things like good communication, goal setting and how to overcome our differences; skills that helped build the foundation of our marriage. ” Jay

Later in life they would find out how important that foundation was.  The stresses of life, finances and raising a family pounded down on them.  Somehow through family crisis’s , job loss, home loss and running a business in turbulent times, they persevered.  They credit their connection to God and that strong foundation built early on for keeping them together.

“Having hung in there through the tough times, we are now rewarded with a deep, loving friendship and marriage” –  Jay

“We hope that you will take the time to build that foundation of your own marriage.  Attend workshops, classes and marriage related events.  Learn, grown and fight for your marriage.  Most of all Don’t Give Up!  Persevere!”

“Our prayer is that you will not only Say I Do for a day, a year or a decade……..



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