Don’t Give Up! #2

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My First Post on this site was entitled “Don’t Give Up!”.  I feel that Not Giving Up is not only the most important key to a long lasting marriage but also for the success in any area of  your life.

Little did I know, I would be speaking to myself only a month later.  August was an extremely hard month for us.  We found ourselves just keeping our heads above water most days.   It was hard to do much else.  Our worry over our son and our struggle to find out why God allows things to happen, filled our days and nights.

This morning I came across that first post, and a sentence that continued to play in my head all month long, jumped out at me once again.

“Because Joseph did not quit, he set in motion the development of his potential–the deepening of his faith and endurance–that would one day enable him to become the most effective leader in Egypt and fulfill the part God intended him to play in the rescue of his family and the redemption of the world.  What if Joseph had lived in a spirit of passive resignation?  He would have missed his destiny.  Quitting is always easier than enduring. It is always easier to stop and have a donut than to run another lap, or to stomp out of a room in  anger than to stay and seek to resolve the conflict.”

Life isn’t fair.  Marriage isn’t easy.  Our world has a tendency to crash in on us on a regular basis.  If your reading this and your marriage is falling apart…….If you just received the worst news anyone could ever imagine………  If you can’t feel God anymore…….. If you have prayed so hard that you think Heaven has gone def……….If you have a tear falling down your cheek…..Then your not alone.  Your not alone!

I haven’t written anything in over a month because I don’t know where to begin.  I don’t know how to help you if I can’t help myself.  But maybe just letting you know, your not alone, is enough.

Reread that first Blog back in July named “Don’t Quit!”

I won’t quit, if you don’t.

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