Celebrate the Ordinary


Being in the wedding industry we work with hundreds of couples each year on one of the biggest celebrations of their lives.  Being a romantic at heart, I (Christa) love these celebrations and hope that every couple gets a chance to start their new life in some sort of celebration.

But after the planning is done, the rice is thrown and the D.J. has packed up and gone home, do we forget to keep celebrating?  The first year or two are easier to keep celebrating.  There is the first home, the first Christmas, and many other first yet to come.  But slowly the firsts become fifths, sixths, and so on.

I ran across this interesting article in Ladies Home Journal called “Science of a Happy Marriage”.  Scientist have begun studying the mystery of why some marriages succeed while others fail.

“Initially marital scientists focused on the negatives that can sabotage a marriage: ways husbands and wives cope with hard times, conflict and unhappiness. But in recent years they have shifted their focus to study the positive interactions that can promote intimacy and forge a stronger bond.”

“Couples who are most committed, intimate and satisfied in their relationship are those who appreciate each others achievements: Your wife’s meeting went well. Your husband finally beat his much younger racquetball partner. One of you got a raise.  Marital scientists have found that celebrating even small accomplishments like these can help a relationship. Using a complex formula, researchers at UCLA and the University  of Rochester measured how partners reacted to positive events in their loved one’s life.  The researchers also assessed the couple’s feelings of commitment, relationship satisfaction and intimacy and found a link between the two: The happiest husbands and wives were those who made the biggest deal out of good things that happened to them.”

In successful couples that rated themselves as happy and satisfied, the common thread was that they celebrated the ordinary.    They celebrated the everyday.

“It is not enough that your spouse knows that you’re proud of his/her accomplishments. Making a fuss over the small, good things that happen every day can boost the health of your marriage”




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